Help Others To Grow Your Business In The 4th Dimension

When we think of the internet with a business mindset, we think of things such as information, communication, trending, transactions, and globalization. But how often do we think of the internet as an archive?

The internet always appears as the here and now, predictions of the future and a wealth of understanding of the past. Rarely does one stop to think of how our daily lives add to the size and growth of the internet as an archive.

You may have heard that anything you may contribute to the internet is there for the life of the internet. News media has shown a less than appealing light on this subject, but there is an alternative view of this scenario that proves to be extremely beneficial to small business.

When you socialize and share your business on the internet, your contribution becomes perpetual. A conversation becomes a citation, a discussion becomes a resource, and your exchanges become an archive of knowledge for future readers.

Spread The Word And Start Talking

When I describe having a conversation on the internet, I don’t mean talking on your favorite instant messenger. I am talking about seeking out like minded individuals in various corners of the internet. These individuals can be family members, friends, colleges, competition, and strangers. The important parts to having an online discussion are what is being discussed and where the discussion takes place.

Having a conversation of value is a conversation where at least one individual can walk away from the conversation with something gained. Knowledge, a business connection, a referral, or a new friendship; each of these are considered valuable to a person in the conversation.

Now imagine including others in the conversation. It is now becoming a discussion of multiple view points and input. If each individual is putting value in, as much or more value is coming from it. New ideas and skills are created from online discussions that contain a valuable element.

After the conversation or discussion has taken place, it does not disappear. The internet preserves the exchange of value indefinitely. This adds a fourth dimension to the exchange that allows it to continue to give over time. For the individual who has stumbled across the conversation at a later date, they may also benefit from the value that continues to offer itself to readers.

The conversation that took place time ago is now becoming a resource. When it appears on high profile and high traffic locations across the internet, that value is delivered thousands, and even millions, of times.

What You Gave Will Give Back And Keep On Giving

This all comes down to a simple equation. When you share value that others can receive, not just once, but many times over a period of time, you will grow a positive reputation as a helper and a friend. You will have respect among your online peers and community members that is rewarded with authority. But, most importantly, the value you have given is becoming an archive of resources and information.

From a business standpoint, each and every time you have helped someone, you have provided a customer service even if that person was not a direct customer. Any time your exchange is viewed and read, you are creating targeted impressions and potential leads.

In the new internet age appearing after this period of social domination, marketing and customer support will have no separation. Help the future of your business by helping others now.

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