Cornerstone Commercial Services is a “covers and surfaces” industrial contractor in northern Indiana, using a lead generation website with several service landing pages.

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Hero Video Background

Fast loading video backgrounds get your visitor’s attention fast and keep it on your business. In a matter of seconds, your prospect has a great impression of what your business can do.

Testimonials & Smiling Faces

Real evidence for trustworthiness, credibility, and experience in the form of customer testimonials and a smiling face from the person who has direct customer contact.

Service Area Map

A large embedded map of the service area shows prospects that you are nearby and willing to travel to them to get the job done.

Large Block Links For Service Pages

Large clickable blocks link directly to service pages while giving the visitor a visual to introduce the service.

Prospect List & Additional Services

On-page optimization for people and search, visitors know they are in the right place when their interests are listed by name.

Big Call-To-Action

Giving the visitor direction for getting started, a large call-to-action makes it obvious.


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