11 Lessons for Local Business Content Marketing

In Small Business by Chris Risse

Local business content marketing can be defined as the process of identifying what your local audience needs to know, informing them, and converting on their reaction. But to put it plainly, content is created to be consumed. The content with the consumer in mind is more easily fed. Consumers love to feed.

1. For content to be consumed, it needs to be created.

Content will not miraculously appear out of thin air. Someone needs to produce it, but the effort for finding content to produce is not as difficult as it may seem. Each day, as a local business, you are made aware of occurrences that require you to educate your customer. This may be local to your business, or an issue felt by your entire industry. These topics are ideal for discussion and education for your target audience.

Once an idea for the content has been formed, this most difficult step in the entire process is writing it down.

2. The local business is the publisher.

This may feel like a big concept to understand, but in reality it is very simple. Your business creates content, your business publishes content. From start to end, the content belongs to your business. The method, time, and context of delivery is completely your choice.

With this power comes great responsibility, so begin to simplify the delivery process and automate the rest. Start with one media, one source, and one method of distribution.  Once this process is solid, you can begin to look at ways of broadening the process into new media, courses, and distribution methods.

3. Neither time nor money should prevent content creation.

Remember, the most difficult part of content marketing for local business is simply writing down the idea. However, turning that idea into published material is often seen as a hurdle itself. The excuse most often heard is “not enough time or money”, which simply means “I’m not organized.” Time and money may be short, but that is the perfect opportunity to be creative.

The goal of content marketing is to be seen as a leader in your industry in your area, which would be very difficult to achieve without creativity. When time and money becomes available, investing in digital media or content creators should be looked at as a way to enhance what you are already doing.

4. Focus on a content topic, be industry specific.

It is imperative that the content you are producing be industry specific. That should honestly go unsaid, but I had to say it. The focus of the content your local business is creating should have a main focus, the relationship your consumers have with your industry. That is why you are in the business, right? You are the face of the industry to your consumers, much like a mother to a child. Educate your audience with what they should know. Don’t make any assumptions that they are the expert you are.

5. Find what makes your business unique.

Each business has a story and it should play into your local business content marketing. What makes your business unique from your competition are the people that make up your business, their relationships to each other, and their relationships to the consumer. Do you have characters working for you? Of course! Unless you are working with robots, those warm blooded employees and staff members have personalities that give the business a unique life of its own.

6. Start a discussion, get some feedback.

Be ready to communicate with your consumers. Great content will always start a discussion. The discussion is completely in the control of the content creator, by way of context. Rate the discussion energy as the effectiveness of the content.

Don’t be afraid of the discussion. This is as much of an opportunity to teach as it is to learn. The consumer will appreciate your efforts, which can lead to a positive customer service experience.

7. Be consistent and constant with content delivery.

Once you start producing and publishing content, don’t stop. Consumers come to expect new content from your business. When you fail to deliver, your business will stop short of fulfilling the expectations of the consumer. Keep content production moderate, and well within the means of what you can produce. This will take a lot of the pressure off of you to keep consistently publishing valuable content.

8. Use multiple media strategies.

Content creation comes in many forms. The form of choice is what works best with your creation process. Start with one method and process, expand when you are comfortable.

Local Business Content Marketing Media Options:

  • Blogging
  • Videos
  • Podcasts (Audio)
  • Newsletters
  • eBooks
  • Websites
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9. Distribute and syndicate your content.

Much like the process of creating your content, connecting your content with your consumer should always start with one approach before expanding into multiple methods. For social networks, choose the network that your business uses the most and has the easiest time engaging the audience.

Consumers who have found your content to be of value will also find ways to share the content. Make sure this is as easy as possible for the consumer.

10. Convert content consumers into customers.

Don’t waste your time producing content that wastes the time of your audience. Give the consumer a reason to act. Call their attention to what you are asking of them through the content. A conversion is far more likely to occur when you make it obvious to the consumer of how to act upon the message.

11. Consume to be consumed.

In order to keep up with content demand, you need to listen to your content consumer. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the consumer is your potential customer. Marketing to your potential customer is an ongoing effort, that requires the business to be engaged.

The content you are producing strengthens your business integrity in the mind of your clients and the audience you are trying to persuade. But, instead of mindlessly regurgitating content for the sake of publishing content, stop and listen to your industry’s voices and the collective voice of your target market. Producing smart and valuable content will more than pay for itself.

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Now it is time to make a plan. Look at what strengths your business has and how can that include content creation. If you have formed an idea, WRITE IT DOWN!

What ideas can you share for local business content marketing?

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