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Welcome fellow BNI member! You have either found this page by chance or come directly to it as a colleague in my own chapter, Alpha Omega. Either way, I am delighted to be connected with you through this excellent organization.

Here you will find the resources necessary for successful BNI membership and a successful chapter. Whether you are a new member or a seasoned veteran, these resources serve you to become a better networking professional.

BNI Alpha Omega

Thursdays at 11AM
St. Joseph Conference Center

BNI Alpha Omega is a referral networking group based in Mishawaka, Indiana. Many professionals from various industries, including business owners and sales representatives, make up this lively group.

Any and all guests are welcome to attend a meeting and encouraged to join in an official capacity for the opportunity to pass and receive referral business. Beyond referral networking, our group is focused on relationship building and professional development.

Join, do business, make friends, and become a better professional.

BNI Alpha Omega Chapter

Marketing Moments

Each week, a chapter member has the opportunity to present their business to the chapter. The Marketing Moment is a 10 minute presentation, followed by a short Q&A.

BNIAO on Facebook

For convenience of connection, communication, and marketing, BNI Alpha Omega has a Facebook page where we share the weekly Marketing Moment, announcements, and upcoming events from chapter members.

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BNIAO Chapter Details

For more information about BNI Alpha Omega and our members, please visit our official chapter page.

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New Members

As a new member of BNI, we want to make sure you get off to a great start. BNI works on the philosophy of “Givers Gain” – This means that your effort is required and participation is mandatory. BNI is just like everything in life, you will get out what you put in. If you can give value to your fellow members, they will give you value in return.

Below are the main points for a great start to referral networking. If you can keep these points in mind throughout your BNI career, you will do well.

Givers Gain - The BNI Story

Schedule Weekly 1-2-1s

The 1-2-1 is the heart of referral networking. In order to give or receive referrals, you and your fellow members need to have mutual authority, credibility, and authenticity between all members.

Meeting with your fellow members allows for us all to Know, Like, & Trust each other. Meet early and meet often – your success or failure depends on the quantity and quality of your 1-2-1s.

Don’t wait for 1-2-1s to come to you. Start scheduling with your fellow members now.

Get Trained (MSP)

All BNI directors provide a Member Success Program, which is a basic training to referral networking. MSP is required for BNI members and highly recommended for its valuable insight into making referral networking work for you.

Get yourself a seat in the next MSP training to unlock member resources, including the opportunity to present during a Marketing Moment.

Go through MSP once a year. You will always learn something new.

Be Specific, Give Names

During our weekly meetings, you will have the chance to stand up and share your business with the group. The best use of this time is not to give a 60 second commercial, but to share your value and ask for a specific referral.

Your fellow members have contacts, either through business or personal relationships. Know who you want to do business with ahead of time and ask for a mutual introduction.

If your specific name doesn’t get you a connection, try another one.

BNI Connect Global

BNI Global continues to create invaluable guides and tools for its members, including BNI Connect, an online community for BNI members to network with others online.

BNI Connect Profile

An active BNI account is required to access the resources of

If this your first time, please register your account by using the email address that was used on your BNI application. If you are unaware of what email address was used on your application, please contact your BNI director’s office.

BNI Connect Steps

  • Step 1: Complete Your Profile

    Create your online profile at BNI Connect. Watch The Video

  • Step 2: Giving & Tracking Referrals Online

    Manage your referrals on BNI Connect. Watch The Video

  • Step 3: Connecting With Other Members

    Build your network through BNI Connect. Watch The Video

  • Step 4: Member Tools & Reports

    Track your progress on BNI Connect. Watch The Video

  • Step 5: Inviting & Registering Visitors

    Track your progress on BNI Connect. Watch The Video

BNI Connect Login

Register online and log into your BNI Connect account.

Visit BNI Connect Login

BNI Connect Support

Live & Recorded Webinars, Chapter Training, and Documentation

Visit BNI Connect Support

BNI Connect YouTube

Video Guides, Education Moments, & Recordings

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BNI Connect® Mobile

BNI Global has made it very convenient to manage your membership activities through the new BNI Connect® Mobile app for Android and iPhone.

BNI Connect® Mobile For Android
BNI Connect® Mobile For iPhone
BNI Connect Mobile

BNI Connect® Mobile Features

The app includes many features for BNI members. The simple interface has a great layout and intuitive nature that makes entering activities a breeze.

My favorite aspect of this app is that it has the potential of replacing the slips we turn in at each meeting, saving paper, time, hassle, and distractions from our time together.

  • 1-2-1, Referral, TYFCB, CEU Entry
  • Personal BNI Member Profile Management
  • Personal BNI Participation Data
  • BNI Member Lookup
  • Visitor Invitation Form

BNI Northern Indiana

BNI Northern Indiana is a region within Indiana that belongs to the same franchise. Many chapters exist in this region and it is to your benefit, as a BNI member, to visit multiple chapters.

While all BNI chapters follow the same process, each chapter has its own character, personality, and value from the collection of its members. In addition, each chapter has unique processes that make them effective in ways other chapters are not. Visiting a different chapter can give you ideas on how to make your chapter more valuable.

Visiting other chapters is also a great way to extend your BNI network beyond your membership chapter. However, keep in mind that if your seat is filled in another chapter, you do not have the ability to promote your services to the group.

BNI Northern Indiana
Visit BNI Northern Indiana to see the region chapter list and local resources, including MSP Trainings, Director Contacts, and the Member Directory.

Visit BNI Northern Indiana

BNI NI Directors

If you have a question or issue beyond the capacities of the chapter leadership, you may reach out to our region directors.

Contact a BNI NI Director

Find A NI Chapter

If you would like to visit another chapter, all region chapters are available through location search.

Visit NI Chapter List

Find A NI Member

If you would like to find a specific member within the Northern Indiana region, you may search for member profiles.

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Additional Resources

BNI SuccessNet
BNI Global News & Updates for corporate announcements, resources, contests, and more.

Visit BNI SuccessNet
BNI Global Network
The official BNI Global Network website – learn why referral networking is important and why you should join.

Visit BNI Global Network
BNI Podcast
Listen to BNI Founder, Ivan Misner, as he speaks with successful referral networkers and shares insight from across all of the BNI community.

Visit BNI Podcast