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With over 88 years of Industrial Ventilation Design-Build Experience, Mediaryte has the unique ability to take your concept and develop it into a full 3D Inventor Model. From there, we can fabricate all the components in our shop. We utilize both 2D AutoCad as well as the 3D Inventor Package to develop our design concept into your customized solution.
Mediaryte also has experienced designers that can come to your facility and field measure all the background equipment and site obstructions and make sure our design will fit and work in your plant. From these approved arrangement drawings, we generate our detailed shop sketches and fabricate a system that will fit and install efficiently in your manufacturing facility.
Mediaryte can also evaluate and troubleshoot your current systems, locating items and components that are limiting system performance. We currently perform PM Inspections for Manufacturers on a quarterly basis, keeping their equipment operating at an optimal level. As part of a system evaluation, we can also test and balance your Industrial Ventilation System and provide the air readings for your maintenance records.

Industrial Ventilation Design

Additional Services


The ability to measure the existing air flows and determine any corrective measures that may be required (i.e. hooding, fan HP, duct routing and size, etc.)


To utilize the ACGIH Methods and calculate the proper ductwork sizes and static pressure requirements.


Determine the latest technology for pollution control equipment and offer competitive pricing for a turn-key solution.


Provide designs and sizing of free standing stacks with calculations for our in house fabrication.

Energy Use

Consideration for energy consumption of proposed equipment and provide cost comparisons and or savings over the life of the project.


Determine the appropriate materials of construction for the ductwork and system components, including the structural steel supports.


Knowledge of Industry Standards, NFPA Codes and SMACNA Guidelines.


We at Mediaryte are committed to quality fabrications and meeting our customer schedules and timelines. Whether it is a fully engineering system with completed drawings or just a concept, we will build to suit your specific requirements.
Our Indianapolis Shop can take the digital files right from our design team to our High Definition Plasma Table. This 12’ long table can cut up to 1 ½” thick Carbon Steel Plate and eliminate laborious clean up and slag removal that would occur from manual cutting operations. We can also shear ¼” thick plate up to 12’ long. Our manual press break and our 200 Ton Hydraulic allow us to form and bend material up to 10’ wide and ¼” thick.
  • Industrial Ventilation Fabrication
  • Industrial Ventilation Fabrication
  • Industrial Ventilation Fabrication
  • Industrial Ventilation Fabrication
  • Industrial Ventilation Fabrication


D1.1 Structural

D9.1 Sheet Metal

B31.3 Process Piping


Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel





Industrial Fabrication - Welding

Our welding crews hold numerous certifications such as D1.1(Structural), D9.1(Sheet Metal) as well as B31.3 (Process Piping) and are happy to test and certify to your specific standards. We work in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Fabrication. We offer MIG and TIG welding options depending on customer need and project specifications.
Unlike most light gage ventilation shops, Mediaryte can produce our own structural steel supports, platform and walkways to complement our heavy gage ductwork, hoods and fittings. With separate crane bays, 3 bridge cranes and three 14’ wide exterior doors and 16 feet under hook, we have the ability not only to fabricate large sections and equipment but also the ability to move and turn them as required. Our 17,000 Sq. Ft. shop is ideally suited for rapid fabrication and project turn around with hitting your timeline in mind.

Dust Collectors / Oil Mist Collectors

Cyclones and Classifiers

Platforms and Mezzanines


Ladders and Stairs

Hoods and intake plenums


Free Standing Stacks

Custom Metal Fabrications

Material handling systems


Installation Services

Our installation crews are very experienced in all industrial workplace settings. We know the importance of safety while work is being completed. Our full time safety coordinator ensures that all personnel receive extensive safety training for the various jobsites and equipment required for installation of complex projects. This includes OSHA, MSHA, mobile equipment certification, and PPE training. We have the knowledge and experience that varies from routine maintenance to complete system/air pollution equipment replacement during the most demanding plant outage durations. We remain committed to completing all site work in a professional and safe manner. We also respect any customer place of business and maintain our work areas to be neat and tidy.
Industrial Ventilation Inspection
Industrial Ventilation Inspection

In addition to being quality welders and craftsman, our crews are experienced riggers and machinery movers. Mediaryte has a fleet of specialty equipment to undertake difficult rigging, lifting and equipment moving projects that ensure the project is done in a safe, efficient and timely manner.
We can offer full equipment commissioning and ductwork air flow balancing to ensure a system operates as intended.

Shop Features

Large Capacity

Fabrication Capacity with 27,000 Sq. Ft. under roof and under overhead crane travel.

Bridge Cranes

Multiple Bridge Cranes with 16’ under hook.

Rigging Equipment

Numerous cranes, fork trucks and rigging equipment.


Three large overhead doors, (14’wide x 12’) high for loading and unloading large fabrications.

Staging Area

Over an acre of outdoor staging area for large fabrications.


Certified welders (D1.1, D9.1 & B31.3)