My customer is having difficulties ordering through the website. What can I do?

In Support by Chris Risse

Sometimes website users may have trouble when using your website. This can be alarming when first encountered, but through patience, open communication, and timeliness, you can impress a customer through diligence and shear dedication to give them a great experience.

In order to get an accurate bearing on the issue, you will first need to have the customer describe what they are experiencing. This first step in getting detailed information on the issue can help diagnose and solve the problem. Once some information is presented, you can determine how to proceed.

Common issues that may occur:

  • Unable to see parts of the web page
  • Unable to submit transaction

Unable to see parts of the web page

When an issue occurs where a customer is unable to view items and elements of the web page, there is most likely 1 of 2 potential issues at hand.

The first is that the customer’s device and/or browser is unable to load the website correctly. You should ask what device and browser the customer is using to view the page. At this point, if possible, you can recreate the same scenario and experience if you have the same device or browser. If not, you can report this information back to the Mediaryte Support team to recreate. If the issue is not presented through recreating the scenario, the issue most likely lies with the customer, which will require their own technical administrator to solve.

On the other hand, if we are able to recreate the issue, then the Mediaryte Support team will work quickly to address the issue and present a solution.

Unable to submit transaction

During the order checkout process, multiple servers must communicate simultaneously to complete the transaction. A number of potential issues may arise during this time.

Common issues that may occur:

  • Payment method is not accepted
  • Payment method creates an error
  • Checkout page is not secure

Payment method is not accepted

When a payment is not accepted, rejected, or declined, it is mostly likely due to communication with the payment processor. For many reasons, a payment processor may reject a transaction and prevent it from occurring. This situation must be cleared up with the customer and their financial institution.

Payment method creates an error

If an error occurs at checkout that is not related to the payment method, then the issue may be solved through the same process as “Unable to see parts of web page” Ultimately, the technology must be loaded correctly in order to function properly. This issue can be caused by the customer’s device or browser, or also by issues with the website software.

Checkout is not secure

When a web page is not secure, a payment gateway will not accept communication from it. This can be caused by a web page loading elements through an insecure connection. The customer will be given a lock symbol in their browser as notice for the type of connection they have made with the web page. If the lock symbol is not locked and green, there may be elements loaded that are preventing a secure connection. Again, you can recreate this scenario by loading the website as the customer has. If you are able to get a secure connection, then the issue is most likely on the customer’s device or browser. However, if you are not getting a secure connection, please report this to the Mediaryte Support team to diagnose.