My website email notifications are not being delivered. Help!

In Support by Chris Risse

Most websites are designed to send out email notifications. It is very important that those emails are received. These notifications may include new business leads, new online orders, customer support questions, and more.

When these email notifications are not received, it can be extremely frustrating for all recipients of the notifications as it can create a lapse in communication and harm a developing relationship between the customer or client, and the business.

There are various reasons why these emails may not be getting delivered as expected:

User does not complete intended action

From time to time, you may hear from a website user that claims to have submitted a form or placed an order through your business website and did not receive a response as expected. When this issue occurs, it is a good idea to check the website logs for the communication entry or order. In either case, if an entry is not found in the logs, the transaction was unable to reach the website server. This can be caused by the user’s browser.

If this is the case, you may request that the customer resubmit the communication or order through the website once more, or test it for yourself. If the website performs as expected, and the logs verify that the transaction or communication was processed, a notification will be delivered to your inbox. If the email notification was not received, you may have an issue with how the website is able to send emails. Please continue to the next issue.

Website fails to send the email notification

Websites and web servers are constantly updated with new features and security precautions to prevent problems. As this activity takes place routinely, in some circumstances, it may cause an issue that prevents email from being sent correctly by the website software.

By contacting the Mediaryte support team about the issue, we can take a closer look at the issue by testing email notifications and addressing any issues that may occur. If our tests are unsuccessful and email is still not being delivered as it should, we move to the next issue to find a solution.

Emails rejected by recipient server

Many email servers accept and reject email based upon permissions given by software or a server administrator. This can be in the form of email pre-filters that whitelist or blacklist sending domains and IPs to prevent spam and phishing/hack attempts.

In this case, if your website is sending from an unknown server, it can be automatically be blacklisted by this process. We may be able to influence deliverability of emails by adding authenticity parameters to your domain, however we encourage you to speak with your email service provider or email server administrator to address this issue as well.

If email is still being prevented from being delivered as intended, we move onto the next issue to find a solution.

Emails labeled as spam

There is the potential issue that email can be intentionally or unintentionally flagged as spam by the recipient. This can be caused by any user that receives email from your website or domain. For larger, web-based email providers, spam filters can be influenced by all users and what emails they are marking as spam. Shared spam filters can be unforgiving. We can attempt to circumvent this problem by adding authenticity parameters to your domain or using an alternative transactional email provider.

We want to prevent lost email notifications at all costs. If you find your website email notifications are having issues with delivery, please do not hesitate to contact our support team to address the issue.