Bike Elkhart County

Grassroots Cycling Advocacy

Bike Elkhart County is a cycling advocacy group located in northern Indiana. The purpose of the organization's non-profit website is to make the group more accessible to the community. Our team built the website to help the group organize its efforts and focus its communication.

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A major part of the cycling advocacy group is the annual bike ride. The website offers the tools for rider registration, event information management, and fundraising.

Dynamic Content

This website includes a wide degree of dynamic content to make for an impressive user experience. The goal of the content is to convey expertise and customer service.

Event Management

Users are able to submit their registration for various events, in addition to signing waivers, purchasing merchandise, and peer-to-peer fundraising.

Membership Registration

Users are able to become members of the organization through a two-tier membership processes for free memberships and memberships submitted with donations.

Online Payments

For event registration and membership applications comes the need to online payments. This website accepts secure payments provided by Stripe.


The primary goal of this website is to communicate the mission of the non-profit by making clear statements of what the organization represents supported by content and imagery.

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