City of Martinsville Indiana

The city of Mineral Water

With the opening of the new Interstate 69 south of Indianapolis, the city of Martinsville, Indiana made plans to attract new business to the area. In order to do so, the city wanted introduced a new municipal government website to make the city more attractive and accessible to the citizens and those moving in.

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As a tool for local government, this website has many jobs to do, but the most important job is communicating the ideas, plans, and happenings from the elected officials.


Communication is key to running a local government and having a smooth operation to get information and updates out to the community makes it all the better.

Official Directory

The local community appreciates knowing who are their local officials and how to contact them as needed. A city directory helps keep contact information up-to-date.

Minutes & Agendas

This website includes a system to publish meeting agendas and minutes efficiently - getting important information out to the public in a timely manner.


At times, it may be pertinent to get information out quickly or bring obvious attention to timely updates. Announcements are a great way to publish updates, notices, and warnings.

Job Applications

Much like a business, municipal government is hiring for a variety of positions. A job board and job application system give your human resources a means for managing it all.

Online Forms

Local government operates with many forms required by many departments and contacts. This website features online forms that direct notifications to specific offices and contacts as necessary.

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