Northern Nutrition

Health Care & Nutritional Products

When Northern Nutrition was ready to start selling products online, they turned to Mediaryte to build an ecommerce website for their local store. With the addition of the online shopping portal, customers can access the same great products without leaving home.

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Northern Nutrition supplies nutritional products across northern Indiana. With the launch of the new ecommerce website, the store has been able to expand into new territories, as well as provide a more convenient shopping experience for local customers.

Product Catalog

With over 4,000 unique products in inventory, Northern Nutrition can make as many of their products available online as requested by customers and easily manage each product, description, specifications, and pricing.

Shopping Cart

The traditional digital shopping cart allows customers to quickly build their order while easily browsing through the catalog. No need to jump back and forth between page as the cart is always within view.

Payment Gateway

Managing online payments for orders seems like a difficult thing to do, but with the conveniences of an ecommerce suite and an integrated payment gateway, management of payments is as simple as it gets. Customers order and funds are transferred - even while you sleep.

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