Small Business Identity

Making sense of what your business is and what it represents.

For many small business owners, identifying who, what, and why your business matters can be a challenge.
We aim to uncover the meaning in your small business and connect it with your audience.

Target Marketing

Knowing who you want to do business with is the first hurdle in business marketing. The more focused you can be on that target makes your message crystal clear. Accessing your market starts by identifying who they are, where they are, and what they like.




Perception & Messaging

Attracting an audience to your brand comes down to image and message. Having a clear understanding of your own brand allows you to communicate it to your team, staff, and all other groups working with your business. We help bring all of your brand elements together for a cohesive and understandable identity.

Experience Building & Storytelling

People love stories. In fact, each of our lives is a story. Our own stories shape who we are and what we seek to include in it. Your audience is seeking the right experience to align with their own personal story. We help you build the right experience that creates lifetime customers and clients through story telling and interaction.

Connect The Dots


The right experience to make a huge impact.

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Reveal the character & personality of your business!


Understanding of your business identity and brand.

  • Targeted Messaging
  • Themes & Associations
  • Relevancy & Value
  • Audience & Prospecting
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Identity Palette

Visual communication of your business message.

  • Logo Design
  • Typography & Color Scheme
  • Tagline/Slogan
  • Symbols & Textures
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Combo Consultation + Identity Palette

The best option for small businesses wanting
a new face and clear message.

  • Consultation Session
  • Identity Palette
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We bring focus and clarity to your small business identity.

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