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Search discovery and due diligence optimization for your small business.

Your prospects have become smart searchers. Grow your web presence through discovery and due diligence to make a huge impact.






Is your small business web presence being found?

When a prospect begins their quest for insight and solution, this creates an opportunity for your business to generate a lead. Organic search has become the traditional method for organic growth for small business on the Internet.

Through discovery, your small business targets searches where new prospects will commonly begin their quest and continue to be visible in searches as their intent transitions from insight to solution.

Inter-site cross-linking

Intra-site cross-linking

Web page optimization

Local optimization

Authority building


Our marketing team actively maintains and creates online assets belonging to your small business for purpose of improving search engine rankings and reach. This includes making modifications and additions to your small business website.

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Due Diligence

Is your web presence telling the right story?

Not all search traffic is for discovery. In fact, most of the search traffic leading to your web presence comes from due diligence search.

Due diligence is the activity your prospects take when wanting to know more about your business, services, reputation, and credibility. Smart prospects will perform a due diligence search before taking any further action.

Citation management/creation

Link management/creation

Online asset SEO

Local optimization

Reputation management


Our goal is to create a highly visible and wide reaching digital footprint for your organization, over time, and within the rules & regulations established by the service providers (That means NO spam).

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Your small business web presence includes:

Your Website(s)

Your Social Media Profiles

Your Directory Profiles

Your Business Listings

Mentions Of Your Business

Links To Your Website & Profiles

Forum Activity

Blog Commenting

Event Participation

We optimize each of these elements to maximize the overall effectiveness of your small business web presence.

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