3 Steps for WPEngine Setup

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Your website needs a quality business class host. WPEngine is the perfect host for the job.

WPEngine provides superior WordPress website hosting and is highly recommended by the team at Mediaryte. Website hosting should provide 3 major features: speed, security, and backups. In addition, WPEngine provides the option for staging environments for each live website per account. This is ideal for staging changes to a website prior to publishing those changes to the live website.

Step 1 - Purchase Website Hosting

Purchase a WPEngine website hosting solution.
WPEngine Managed Hosting
For most small business websites, Managed Hosting: Startup will be the ideal hosting service level. This level allows for up to 25,000 visits to your website each month. Unless noted otherwise, please proceed with the Managed Hosting: Startup hosting service with WPEngine for your website.

Step 2 - Add User

Grant Mediaryte access to your WPEngine account.
WPEngine Add User - Instructions
By adding Mediaryte to your WPEngine account, the team here can access the hosting environment to install, migrate, or modify your website. When adding Mediaryte to your account, we request the Full (no-billing) user level. This grants us full access to all hosting environments, including live and staging, in your account without access to your billing. This will keep the integrity of your account ownership secure while Mediaryte is contracted to assist you and your website.

NOTE - If you are having difficulty adding Mediaryte as a user to your WPEngine account, you may share access to your account with us by providing your login credentials (Email and Password). Mediaryte will complete Step 2 on your behalf. However, we do highly recommend changing your account password after we complete this step in order to maintain account security.

Step 3 - All Set!

Once you have completed Step 2, Mediaryte will receive notification from WPEngine that account access has been granted. You have completed the WPEngine hosting setup and our team will proceed with servicing your account.
If you have further questions about WPEngine, please contact us using the form below.

Send a message to the team at Mediaryte for assistance.

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