Grand Industrial

Industrial Contracting

Grand Industrial is a industrial contractor working across the state of Indiana. Our team rebuilt their small business website to improve user experience and SEO performance. In addition, this website features a portfolio management system, job board, and job application system.

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To best serve our client's website with the content and marketing assets available, we created this industrial contracting website to harness a portfolio system linked to the service pages of the website.

Dynamic Content

This website includes a wide degree of dynamic content to make for an impressive user experience. The goal of the content is to convey expertise and customer service.

Search Marketing Optimized

Traffic for this website is generated via local SEO optimization as well as targeted search campaigns for matching keywords in the surrounding local areas.

Job Applications

This website includes a job board and job application manager for assisting human resources with application submissions and posting available jobs.

Portfolio System

This website includes a portfolio to showcase completed projects. A portfolio adds a convenient way to increase website content for users to browse on the website.

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