Paul D. Eash

Elder Law & Estate Planning

Paul D. Eash is an attorney located in Elkhart, Indiana. Prior to working with Mediaryte, his attorney website was difficult to find when searching for a local attorney. After a redesign and applying technical SEO, Paul's office has greatly improved lead generation coming from online sources.

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A local attorney website should be very straight forward, conveying proven expertise through years of education and service. In addition, Paul's website is more inviting than a typical law office website by including more of his team members and his own community involvement.

Lead Generation

While this website may have a few options to contact the team, the primary action of this website is to generate phone calls. Users may also schedule appointments via the online form.

Reputation Building

For local search and search campaigns, this website helps build authority in the local search space by creating a footprint that grows with the company.

Fast Loading

This website utilizes server-side caching and browser preload mechanisms to load as quickly as possible for the user. A fast website is an effective website.

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