25 Easy Responding To Customer Feedback Examples For You To Use

25 Easy Responding To Customer Feedback Examples For You To Use

November 15, 2023
Chris Risse
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First off, way to go on getting some great customer reviews for your small business! That is a feat in itself that deserves respect and celebration. I can feel your pride swelling, and you definitely deserve it. I hope you have been applying some of the things you learned from my article about how to get customers to leave a review. Now your next step is to respond to these growing reviews without seeming repetitive or insincere. I have created many responding to customer feedback examples for you to choose from when replying to your customer reviews.
In this article you will find 2 main parts. The first part is a guide on how to craft your responses to your customer reviews, why it is important to do so, what will come of it. The second part includes different customer review response examples for you to pick from and make your own. The quick links below can help you jump straight to where you want to go.

The customer review response examples listed in this article will continue to grow.
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Acknowledge your customer's praises for your services

Your customers are happy and want you to know it. Take a moment to respond to positive customer feedback to show your customers that their compliments didn't fall on deaf ears. Your customer reviews are important to your small business, and letting your customers know about it will keep new customer reviews coming in.

Accept the praise you’ve received

It can sometimes be hard to accept praise for the work you enjoy doing, especially when you are getting paid to do it. Consider the praise a bonus on top of providing great products and services that your customers love, so be thankful for it.

Show gratitude for the positive response

Be thankful for the praise you receive from your customers. Your gratitude makes it all worth it in the eyes of your customer. With a small business, your happy customers are proud that they chose your products and services, and they want it to be known. Commend them for taking the time to leave you a review.

Show potential customers your responsiveness

When you receive a customer review, make sure to respond in a timely manner. Your customers most likely do not expect a response, but your potential customers will be reading them. It also shows existing customers and new customers that your small business can communicate well and often. A great, well written, and detailed customer review deserves to be reciprocated.

Attract customers through your positive responses

Your responses to your customer feedback can win or lose more than one customer at a time. People have become smart searchers and are seeking out past customer experiences from products and services they are considering. Your customer review responses are very telling, so make them the best they can be by keeping them positive.

Convey expertise and value by elaborating on provided products/services

There are many reasons to give some detail about what products and/or services were provided in the customer's experience with your small business. Not only does this help potential customers immediately identify and relate their own needs with your services, but it also has the added benefit or helping associate and optimize search keywords for your search marketing efforts.

Negative reviewers will think twice

Negative reviews should not be feared, but they should also not be encouraged. Constructive criticism can be a powerful tool for your small business and should not be ignored. However, at times, some customers can be upset and leave motivated negative reviews. When you can remain positive and respond positively to all customer reviews, it speaks volumes in favor of your small business.

Seeing a responsive business will keep negative reviews to a minimum

Being proactive with your positive customer review responses can set the tone for all customers leaving reviews now and in the future. Your professionalism, gratitude, and acceptance of suggestions in your customer review responses can help a potential negative review reshape itself in the mind of the customer before it is published, and may even lead to further communication with the customer prior to a review. This can be a great scenario for turning a negative experience into a positive one.

Negative reviewers will overwhelm your lack of responsiveness

Many negative reviewers want to post a review and leave without being seen or detected. It is very easy to do so when it appears that a small business is not responding to their customer reviews. By being active with your positive customer feedback responses, you make a negative review reconsider their review before leaving it for you to respond to.
If a negative review is stressing you out or has you angry and upset, I implore you to read my article about what to do when you receive a negative review. Rest assured that it isn't the end of the world, your business will be OK, and there is a chance that the review can be flipped around to a positive one.

25 Easy Responding To Customer Feedback Examples For You To Use
For Customer Review Funnels and Customer Feedback Surveys, I recommend using the tools and templates at OpinionStage.

Quick Positive Response

A quick positive response to a positive customer review shows potential customers that you are active, communicative, and accessible. These examples are prefect for responding to short and simple customer reviews.

Quick Positive Customer Feedback Response Examples

  1. “Thank you! You're the best.”
  2. “Thank you! We are humbled and grateful for your raving review.”
  3. "Thank you - we really appreciate your business."
  4. "Thank you for the amazing review! We can't wait to work with you again."
  5. "Thank you for your kind words."
  6. "Thank you. We appreciated the opportunity to work with you."
  7. "Thank you! We look forward to helping you again in the future."
  8. "Thank you - your feedback is so important to us."
  9. "Thank you. It is customers like you that make it a thrill to do business."
  10. "Thank you for taking the time to give us this great review!"

Positive Response

For positive customer reviews where the customer has taken time to craft a well-thought-out and detailed review requires a response that truly shows your appreciation and gratitude. This is also an opportunity to describe the products and services provided to the customer, if they have not mentioned the products and services in their review.

Positive Customer Feedback Response Examples

  1. "Your time is valuable, and so is this wonderful review. Thank you so much for your kind words. We hope to see you again soon."
  2. "We greatly appreciate your insightful review and hope our future clients will find it useful."
  3. "We are delighted that your experience was amazing at our location. Likewise, we hope it was a memorable event for everyone involved."
  4. "You set the bar really high, and we are ecstatic we were able to exceed your expectations."
  5. "Thank you for pointing some of the best features of our products and services. We look forward to the next time!"
  6. "It is impossible to thank you enough for your review and being a great customer. We enjoy you just as much!"
  7. "WOW! This is a tremendous testimonial and very heartfelt. We hope all of our customers can share the same experience that had."
  8. "I hope all of our customers can share the same experience you had with us."
  9. "We love the way you have described your experience. We take pride in our customer service and take great care with how each customer is served."
  10. "This is the type of response we aim for. Thank you for choosing our team to serve you."

Humble Response

When a customer review has some positive and negative points, it is considered a mixed review. Responding to mixed reviews should convey your acceptance of both the compliments and the criticisms, that is why I like to call them humble responses. Humble responses to customer reviews can be the most meaningful and the most viewed by potential customers.

Humble Customer Feedback Response Examples

  1. "I really appreciate the sincere feedback about your project. The information you've shared here will help me improve my capabilities for my next projects."
  2. "Your feedback is much appreciated. Now we know how to take the next step and reset our focus."
  3. "Thank you for the feedback. We feel our efforts are appreciated by your kind words. Your suggestions are legitimate, and we hope to continue to make improvements."
  4. "Thank you for taking the time to share this review. Your feedback is important and very helpful for us."
  5. "Thank you for sharing your experience. We will take all suggestions into consideration."

What about responding to negative reviews?

When it comes down to responding to a negative review, you will want to take great care in crafting your response for the best possible outcome. We've prepared additional resources for just this topic for you:

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