Indiana Region Classic Car Club of America

The IRCCCA had a tall order for a website that could do a lot within a set budget. That is why they counted on Mediaryte to deliver the ultimate non-profit organization website for their membership. Members-only access, ecommerce, event registration, and communication all rolled into a single website.

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When your organization and members are all about classic and vintage cars, you need a website that encapsulates that collective vision. For this non-profit organization, the team at Mediaryte was inspired by the classy looks of these vehicles and delivered a look that matched.

Members-only Content

IRCCCA members have access to the Hoosier Horn magazine and organizational events. You must be a member of the organization in order to access this premium content hidden within the website.

Event Registration

All members are able to register for events throughout the year. Events are managed via a calendar and scheduling system, with some events requiring ticket purchases. All of this is managed directly within the website.


The organization is funded by the sales of oil for vintage and classic cars. Orders can be made by members and guests with dynamic pricing determined by quantity purchased. All orders are sent to the manufacturer to fulfill.

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