Display Your CRS Within Your Website Using An Iframe

In Support by Chris Risse

Using the CRS in your website does take a few steps and a little bit of knowledge of HTML, but nothing complicated. The iframe allows for a webpage to be displayed within another webpage.

The iframe code below will allow you to display your CRS within a page of your website. We suggest using it in a page with no other content, but within a content container. There should also be no sidebar in order for the CRS webpage to fill the full width of the page.

Note: replace the URL in the src with your own CRS page URL.

<<My CRS URL>> – Replace this with your CRS URL (e.g. http://crs.mediaryte.net/review/my-crs-url/)

CRS iframe Code

When placing the code into your webpage, do so using a text or HTML editor. The code will appear as plain text if it is used in a visual editor.

<iframe> src=”<<My CRS URL>>” width=”100%”></iframe>

The iframe is supported in all major web browsers, so your customers will have no problem viewing the CRS.

Get additional help with iframes and HTML: W3 Schools – iframe Tag

Need Assistance?

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