Local Government & Organizations

Vision through communication

Your community matters, from the municipal services to the under-served, and all the things that matter most. In a community, communication is a priority, including the daily activities and the vision for all.


City of Mineral Water

Mediaryte is working with the city of Martinsville, Indiana on growth and a new vision. We rescued Martinsville from a failing project and delivered a new website to exceed expectations.

Lemons & Business

We are helping young entrepreneurs through Junior Achievement & Lemonade Day. Mediaryte built a robust and multi-functional website for this growing program - including the Lemonade Day Mentor Console!

Caring & Giving

The memory of a little girl that is making a difference through her Secret RainBows. It certainly made a impact on us at Mediaryte. We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of something special.

The Gem City

Frankfort, Indiana is on the go and growing. We help keep everyone informed. We've had the opportunity to evolve Frankfort's website with the city, creating a dynamic communication system for the community.

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