Picking A .review Domain For A Customer Review Funnel

Picking A .review Domain For A Customer Review Funnel

November 10, 2023
Chris Risse
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Let's take a look at getting a .review domain for a customer review funnel. .review domains are great for helping direct your customer to your customer review funnel without having to give them a long URL. A .review domain is also easy to remember, and can be shared verbally. It is also very professional in appearance, showing your customers that you have a process in place to let the customer share their experience with you and provide feedback.

Choose your ideal .review domain

Use the .review domain search box below to search for your .review domain. Example: mybusiness.review. This makes it clear to your customer when the domain is shown on what action they will be taking.

.review Domain Search

Type your .review domain in the field below and click the Search button.

The domain search will take you to Namecheap, which is my recommended domain registrar. The continued instructions below assume you purchased your review domain from Namecheap. If not, you will need to find your domain registrar's instructions and documentation for domain management.

What can my .review domain redirect to?

There are several ways to setup your review domain redirect, but it ultimately comes down to what you want your customers to do. Here are a few common ideas:

A Customer Review Funnel

A customer review funnel is a great way to give your customers options for sharing their experience. It also allows you to determine the intent of the customer and directing them to the appropriate action. Example: If your customer chooses 5 stars for their experience, you can direct them to leave a review on your Google Business Page. However, if they choose 4 stars or less, you can present them with a feedback form that can be filled out and sent to you.

A Customer Satisfaction Survey

Going beyond a basic customer review funnel, you can redirect your customers to a customer satisfaction survey to complete. Example: You need your customers to provide feedback about their experience based upon the conditions of multiple questions and their answers.
For Customer Review Funnels and Customer Feedback Surveys, I recommend using the tools and templates at involve.me or OpinionStage.

A Page On Your Website

Similarly to a customer review funnel, you can simply redirect users to a specific page on your website. Example: Your website contains a page with links to reviews, a testimonial form, or a feedback form.

A Direct Link To Review

You can omit a customer review funnel and have your customers go directly to your review form. Example: Use your review domain to redirect customers to your Google Business Page review URL.

Creating a .review domain redirect

Once you have your .review domain purchased, you can create a simple redirect to your customer review funnel URL. The following steps will guide you through the setup of a review domain via Namecheap.
Domain For Your Customer Review Funnel
Step 1: From your Namecheap Domain List, choose your new review domain by clicking on the Manage button on the right of the domain listing.
Step 2: On the domain management page, make sure Nameservers is set to Namecheap BasicDNS. This will allow for the Redirect Domain settings to appear below. You may delete any previous or default DNS entries here by clicking on the trashcan icon on the right of the entry.
Domain For Your Customer Review Funnel
Step 3: Click on the Add Redirect button to create a new DNS entry. Make sure your domain is listed in the Source URL field. In the Destination URL, copy and paste your customer review funnel URL, direct review link, or other link you would like to redirect the domain to.
Step 4: You may also add a Wildcard Redirect DNS entry. Click on the Add Wildcard Redirect button, once the entry appears, copy and paste the same URL from the previous step into the Destination URL field. The Wildcard Redirect will make any subdomain or longtail URL of the review domain automatically redirect to your Destination URL.
Step 5: Now you may click on Save All DNS Changes. Your DNS updates will take a moment to become active. You can test the redirect by typing your domain into a browser tab. If the redirect does not work immediately, don't stress, it may take several hours to propagate.

Namecheap Support - How to redirect a URL for a domain?

Namecheap has indepth instructions for creating URL redirects through their domain management interface.

Redirect without a .review domain

If you prefer to not use a .review domain for your customer review funnel, you can use alternative redirect methods for directing your customer using your website domain. The link below will take you to my article on the subject with instructions.

How To Setup A URL Redirect For Your Customer Review Funnel

Alternative ways for creating a URL redirect for your customer review funnel.

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